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  1. Répertoires:

    1. IUB Libraries: English and American Literature
    2. On-Line Literary Resources (Jack Lynch, UPENN)
      Description: "This set of pages, named among the Top 5% of the Internet by Point and awarded Four Stars by Magellan, is a collection of links to sites on the Internet dealing especially with English and American literature, excluding single electronic texts ..."

    3. MIT Literature Resources
    4. Internet resources for the Anglo-Saxon World
    5. Informationsquellen Anglistik
    6. American Studies Electronic Crossroads
      Description: "The American Studies Electronic Crossroads (ASEC), a comprehensive, integrated, information platform on the World Wide Web maintained at Georgetown University by the Center for Electronic Projects in American Culture Studies (CEPACS). ASEC contains pedagogical, scholarly, and institutional information for the international American Studies Community, along with full information about the American Studies Association"

  2. Départements d'études anglaises & Pages personnelles:

  3. Histoire de la Littérature:

    1. Romantic Circles
      Description: " ... Romantic Circles, a Website devoted to the study of Lord Byron, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Percy Bysshe Shelley, John Keats, their contemporaries and historical contexts."

    2. Romantic Chronology
      Description: Chronologie détaillée de l'époque romantique avec des indications bibliographiques, des collections de liens vers d'autres sites, vers des textes ... ."

    3. The Victorian Web Overview
      Description: Site W3 consacré à la littérature et la civilisation de l'époque victorienne: "The Victorian Web is the WWW translation of Brown University's Context 61, which serves as a resource for courses in Victorian literature ... ."

  4. Textes & Auteurs:

    1. Electronic Text Center-University of Virginia
    2. Electronic Archives for Teaching the American Literatures
    3. Old English Pages
    4. S. T. Coleridge
    5. Thomas Hardy Resource Library
    6. Nathaniel Hawthorne.
      Description: Un site dédié à la vie et l'oeuvre de Nathaniel Hawthorne.

    7. The Jack London Collection (DL SunSITE)
      Description: "Materials that reflect on the life and influence of one of turn-of-the-century America's most enduring authors. Letters, manuscripts and photographs from the Bancroft Library as well as out-of-print publications, electronic texts of some of London's writings, and original essays and research aids. This collection is cooperatively produced by the UC Berkeley Library and Sonoma State University."

    8. The complete works of William Shakespeare

  5. Langue anglaise:

  6. EFL:

    1. EFL links for EFL researchers
    2. On-line English grammar

  7. Journaux scientifiques:

    1. Early Modern Literary Studies: A Journal of the Sixteenth- and Seventeenth- Century English Literature
      Description: "Early Modern Literary Studies (ISSN 1201-2459) is a refereed journal serving as a formal arena for scholarly discussion and as an academic resource for researchers in the area.
      Articles in EMLS examine English literature, literary culture, and language during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries;
      responses to published papers are also published as part of a Readers' Forum.
      Reviews in EMLS evaluate recent work as well as academic tools of interest to scholars in the field.
      EMLS is committed to creating on-line resources and to maintaining links to the most useful and comprehensive internet resources for Renaissance scholars."

    2. Nineteenth-Century Literature - Electronic Edition

  8. Journaux:

  9. Publications électroniques sur ARANEOLA-LIBELLUS:

    1. Table des matières du No X de la revue ETUDES ROMANES:
      Regards croisés sur l'Europe et l'Amérique du Nord.
      Actes de l'Atelier Regards croisés sur l'Europe et l'Amérique du Nord Congrès du Conseil international d'Etudes francophones (CIEF) à Québec, le 10 avril 1994.
      Textes réunis et présentés par Frank WILHELM.

    2. Table des matières de la revue TRAVAUX DE LINGUISTIQUE établie par Joseph Reisdoerfer.

  10. Les autres pages d'ARANEOLA:

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