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  1. Répertoires:

    1. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Linguistics
    2. Linguistics Materials on the Web
    3. Meta index of linguistics resources
    4. Yamada Language Center
    5. SIL Home Page
    6. Blackwell Linguistics Resource Center
    7. Kristina Pfaff's Linguistic Funland
    8. Ressources linguistiques

  2. Recherches bibliographiques:

    1. Linguistics abstracts Online
      Description: "LABS is designed to revolutionize your research and teaching by providing immediate access to all abstracts published in Linguistics Abstracts since 1985, plus all current material as it becomes available."

    2. Institut für deutsche Sprache, Mannheim: Bibliographien zur Linguistik / Literaturlisten
    3. Bibliographic Databases in Linguistics held by the CL/MT Research Group at the University of Essex

  3. Départements:

    1. Linse
      Description: Le serveur du département de linguistique de l'Université d'Essen.

    2. Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf: Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft

  4. Sémiologie:

    1. Semiotics
    2. Semiotics for Beginners
    3. Porta Ludovica: An Umberto Eco Web site

  5. Langues:

    1. Human-Languages Page
    2. Washington University A&S Meyer Language Lab

  6. Linguistique indo-européenne:

    • TITUS: Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien

  7. Sociolinguistique:

  8. Dialectologie:

    • NETWORK: The Convergence and Divergence of Dialects in a Changing Europe
      Description: "This Network is bringing together linguists throughout Europe to study how social, cultural and political changes are affecting traditional dialects in two specific ways:
      in some cases dialects are converging towards each other or towards the standard language of a nation, but in other cases there is divergence.
      The aim is to take a rigorous, scholarly approach to the study of these two types of dialect change, to coordinate existing research in the different countries, and possibly spawn new international collaborations".

      Commentaire: On trouve sur ce site une communication de P. Gilles sur le luxembourgeois:
      Virtual convergence and dialect levelling in Luxemburgish

  9. Luxemburgensia:

    1. Institut Grand-ducal, Section de linguistique de folklore et de toponymie.
    2. Belgium - Languages and dialects
      Commentaire: L'auteur présente entre autres le luxembourgeois parlé dans la région d'Arlon.

    3. L'étude BALEINE sur les parlers au Luxembourg.
    4. Virtual convergence and dialect levelling in Luxemburgish, (P. Gilles)
    5. Rheinland - Pfälzische Bibliographie 1993: Sprache.

  10. Linguistique computationnelle:

    1. Association for Computational Linguistics
    2. CL-related Gopher/WWW servers (Stuttgart)
    3. Corpus Linguistics

  11. Pragmatique:

  12. Lexicologie:

    1. The Consortium for Lexical Research
    2. On-line Dictionaries
    3. On-line Dictionaries II

  13. Listes de diffusion:

    1. The List of Language Lists
      Description: "This file lists bulletin boards devoted primarily to the linguistic study of individual languages and groups of languages (though a couple of others, in particular lists for language learners, have been included as well)".

    2. The LINGUIST List

  14. Pages personnelles:

    1. Browning: Linguistics: Princeton
    2. Linguistics Courses

  15. Linguistique appliquée:

  16. Traduction automatique

  17. Apprentissage des langues étrangères:

    1. Foreign language teaching forum
    2. Ohio University Call Lab
    3. Language Testing by Kenji Kitao and S. Kathleen Kitao
      Description: "This web page is intended for people who do not have much knowledge and information about language testing. However, there are great many resources which are useful even for specialists in language testing, and this web page is useful as a quick reference for anyone studying or doing research in the area of language testing. It is also useful for EFL/ESL teachers who prepare students for English language tests, such as IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC."

  18. Cours en ligne:

  19. Journaux scientifiques:

    1. Language Learning and Technology
      Description: "Language Learning & Technology features both a message and a medium.
      • The message is that the use of computers and other new technologies has now moved to the mainstream of language education; research and theory are thus needed more than ever to ensure that new technologies are used wisely and effectively. As reflected in the title of our journal, our focus is to put languagelearning first; technology will be considered not from a technical point of view, but rather as to how its use impacts the process of teaching and learning languages. Within this framework, we hope to publish a broad range of articles reporting on original research or linking previous research, learning theory, and teaching practices.

      • The medium is the World Wide Web. By publishing in this venue, we intend to disseminate research on this fast-developing field as broadly and as quickly as possible. We also hope, over time, to take increasing advantage of hypermedia capabilities of the web to provide better illustration of the concepts under discussion and to provide links to additional background information."

    2. Language in the Judicial Process
      Description: "The intention of the editors is to maintain on a World Wide Web homepage current information of interest to all scholars interested in law and language as well as to legal practitioners.
      Initially, issues will list bibliographies and other tools, direct readers to relevant organizations, provide program information where appropriate, and list current bibliography in language & law.
      Later issues will be expanded to cite legal cases in which linguistic issues are important, and also to include abstracts of articles and summaries of relevant cases. etc."

  20. Editeurs, libraires ... spécialisés en linguistique:

  21. Publications électroniques sur ARANEOLA-LIBELLUS:

    1. Table des matières de la revue TRAVAUX DE LINGUISTIQUE établie par Joseph Reisdoerfer.

    2. BABEL: Cours de linguistique diachronique du français. Aux origines du français.
      Description: "Les deux documents que nous présentons, Les Serments de Strasbourg et La Cantilène de Sainte Eulalie font partie du site en préparation BABEL qui sera consacré à l'histoire de la langue française.
      Ce site est issu d'un cours de linguistique diachronique du français donné au Centre Universitaire du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (CunLux)." JR

  22. Les autres pages d'ARANEOLA:

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