Physics on Stage 3 - in Luxembourg

This project is supported by the Ministère de l'Education Nationale, de la Formation Professionnelle et des Sports (MENFPS), through Script.

Last update: 2003-03-11

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Physics on Stage

Physics on Stage is an initiative for European science educators. Physics and other natural sciences need to be made more attractive to young people. A consortium of seven large research organisations called EIROforum wants to help teachers reach this goal.

Physics on Stage provides teachers with opportunities to exchange innovative ideas, successful educational tools and good practice. It also offers the teaching community a direct link to the combined expertise of Europe’s leading scientists.

Physics on Stage 3 is part of the European Science and Technology Week 2003, an initiative by the European Commission.

The theme for this year's project will be ‘Physics and Life’. Teachers are challenged to submit original projects related to this theme to their national steering committee.

Some ideas already proposed are:

...and there are many more!

The science of today is increasingly inter-disciplinary. Physics on Stage 3 aims to open up the areas of crossover to all teachers and students and offer fresh teaching ideas to bring new life to classroom physics.

How to join in?

Contact your National Steering Committee!
Members of the Luxembourg NSC:

Fernand Wagner
Coordinator, EAAE president

Antoine Kies
Teacher at the Centre Universitaire Luxembourg

Gérard Tessaro
teacher at the Centre Universitaire Luxembourg

Organise or take part in local and national activities!
Events are taking place across Europe to identify the most motivated individuals and innovative projects in physics teaching.These will be brought together at the next Physics on Stage festival. Don't miss out!

International Festival 8-15 November 2003

Outstanding participants identified through the national activities will be invited to take part in the International Physics on Stage 3 Festival, during the European Week of Science and Technology 2003, between 8-15 November.

400 teachers and education experts will come together at ESTEC, the research centre of the European Space Agency in the Netherlands, for an exciting programme of presentations, demonstrations and workshops.

Participants will present their work in a lively fair of activities and materials and have the chance to interact with likeminded teachers and leading scientists from across Europe and beyond. At the end of the week, the European Science Teaching Awards will be presented to those judged to have the most stimulating materials and projects.

Follow-up Activities

Physics on Stage has already formed a network of science teachers across Europe, which is set to grow throughout 2003. A growing archive of teaching materials is available online at the project website.

In addition, teachers are invited to become involved and have their opinions heard by decision makers up to the highest levels. Physics on Stage proceedings and video reports will be circulated to education ministries and other stakeholders. Follow-up meetings and workshop continuations will be held to allow the physics teaching community to find ways to continue improving the scientific literacy of young people.

EIROforum is composed of the following 7 organisations: