Physics on Stage 2 - in Luxembourg

This project is supported by the Ministère de l'Education Nationale, de la Formation Professionnelle et des Sports (MENFPS), through Script.

Last update: 2002-01-09

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What is Physics on Stage?

Physics on Stage is an initiative for European physics educators. It was originally set up by three of Europe's leading research organisations as part of the European Week for Science and Technology 2000. Physics on Stage gives teachers from 22 European countries the opportunity to take part in national programmes and international festivals to exchange teaching methods and materials. In national symposia and international workshops the participants work out recommendations on how to improve the image of physics and science in general.

Physics on Stage aims to find innovative and practical solutions to these problems by involving those who know best how to communicate the excitement of physics - the European teaching community.

Why Physics?

Over the past decade, numbers of students and teachers in physics courses across Europe have fallen considerably. European citizens suffer from a low literacy level in physics and there has been a general decline of interest in science in our society.

How can I join in?

Contact your National Steering Committee!
Members of the Luxembourg NSC:

Fernand Wagner
Coordinator, EAAE vice-president

Antoine Kies
Teacher at the Centre Universitaire Luxembourg

Gérard Tessaro
teacher at the Centre Universitaire Luxembourg

Organise or take part in local and national activities!
Events are taking place across Europe to identify the most motivated individuals and innovative projects in physics teaching.These will be brought together at the next Physics on Stage festival. Don't miss out!

The annual festival

The next Physics on Stage festival will take place between 2-6 April, 2002 at ESTEC in Noordwijk,
the Netherlands. The most interesting contributions from the national events will be invited to take part in a dynamic week of performances, presentations, workshops and fair sessions.