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Astronomical Activities in Luxembourg

Life in the Universe

A project in the frame of the European Week for Science and Technology 2001.
Visit also the Main LiU WebSite for further details.

Physics on Stage

A project in the frame of the European Week for Science and Technology 2000.
Visit also the POS Site @ CERN for further details.

After the success of Astronomy-OnLine, Sea&Space is a joint project of EAAE, ESO and ESA.Visit Luxembourg's official Homepage to this event to find out more about this huge project.

Astronomy On-Line
Luxembourg's official Homepage to The World'sbiggest Astronomy Event on the World Wide Web. Find out more about this exciting project, which is the EAAE/ESOprogramme for the EuropeanWeek for Scientific and Technological Culture 1996.

Astronomy Related Resources On the Web - A.R.R.O.W.
1st prize winning Homepage about Astronomy, realized during "la course aux inform@tions", a Web Publishing Contest organized by the Athénée de Luxembourg.

Other EAAE Homepages

The International EAAE Homepage: http://www.algonet.se/~sirius/eaae.htm
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What is the EAAE?

EAAE was constituted in Athens on November 25, 1995. It is the firstEuropean association for teachers and other people interested in teachingin astronomy.

The supreme authority of the Association is the General Assembly andthe governing body is the Executive Council.To facilitate the work of the Association concerning the different countries,National Representatives have been elected.Furthermore, to support the work of the organization, two StandingCommittees and seven Working Groupshave been established.
Aims and Means
The purpose of this association is to improve and promote astronomicaleducation at all levels in all institutions involved in teaching astronomyin Europe. Aims and goals are explained in the final declarationadopted in November 1994 in Garching.

As a member you will receive information through a newsletter. It willalso be possible for you to participate with articles. Furthermore, youwill get the opportunity to publish material on our web pages. You willalso get access to a widely spread network of people involved in the teachingof astronomy in Europe.

EAAE is working in alliance with TheEuropean Planetarium Network (EuroPlaNet).

Historical Background
Statutes (located on the International EAAE Homepage)
Newsletters (located on the International EAAE Homepage)
The Importance of the Internet to the EAAE

The possibilities of the Internet and what the EAAE can do with it.
How to join
Online Conferences

Announcements and Guides (located on the International EAAE Homepage)
Pointers to interesting resources on the WWW (located on the International EAAE Homepage)
Some Important E-mail Addresses

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