How to join the EAAE

Any person residing in a European country is eligible to become an EAAE member as long as S/he meets the requirements of membership and pays his/her annual dues. If you live in one of the 17 member countries, you can contact the National Representative in question to obtain details. It is also strongly recommended that the new members from countries which do not have Officialy designated National Representatives meet and elect a provisional National Representative as soon as it is feasible, and submit this name to the EAAE Executive Council for approval.

National EAAE Representative for Luxembourg

Fernand Wagner
EAAE Vice-President
Laboratoire de Physique
Lycée de Garçons d'Esch
BP 195, L-4002 Esch/Alzette

Tel.: +352-556285-310; Fax: +352-37 15 07

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